Top Italian designer bails on battery sheep

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Last updated 31 August 2010

The world’s largest buyer of ultra-fine wool, Loro Piana, has announced it will no longer purchase fleece from single penned sheep.

Animals Australia’s campaign against factory farming of sheep for ‘ultra fine wool’ recently achieved an important success. The world’s largest purchaser of ultra fine wools, Italian fashion designer Loro Piana, announced they would stop purchasing wool from single penned sheep after Animals Australia informed them of the cruelty inflicted on these animals. Piana also announced that they would exclude this cruelly produced wool from their prestigious Wool World Record Challenge Cup awards.

Sheep confined in single pens suffer chronic stress, leading them to continually chew on the wooden slats and bars of their enclosure.

An Animals Australia investigation in 2005 at the appropriately named ‘Wool Factory’ in Victoria revealed hundreds of sheep being confined in a shed in tiny individual pens in order to produce ultra fine wool. Investigators documented distressed sheep chewing on the bars of their pens in stress, frustration and boredom.

Last year another Animals Australia target in this campaign, famous Italian Fashion House Ermenegildo Zegna, announced that fleeces from facilities that use single penning will no longer be eligible for their prestigious Vellus Aureum Trophy.

Our campaign has dealt a significant blow to an industry already suffering from a bad image and waning demand. Our next task is to convince Zegna to follow Loro Piana’s leadership and extend their ethical position to not purchasing wool from facilities that use single penning.

You can help to end the factory farming of sheep by taking part in our online campaign to urge Ermenegildo Zegna to commit to not purchasing wool from facilities that confine sheep in single pens.

Take Action! Tell Ermenegildo Zegna to bail on battery sheep!