Operation kindness: lungfish rescue!

Gympie woman Sasha Ambrose showed her true (and kind) colours recently when she discovered a rare Queensland lungfish trapped in a flooded hotel carpark...
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Animals Australia team

Last updated 1 March 2013

An extraordinary rescue operation unfolded in Gympie this week when a local woman discovered a lungfish stranded in a flooded hotel car park.

This remarkable act of human kindness was captured on camera as Sasha Ambrose gently carried the rare Queensland freshwater fish to the safety of deeper water.

This is one tiny glimpse into an epic story of survival. Lungfish are among the longest surviving vertebrate species on the planet — they swam in ancient streams alongside dinosaurs, millions of years before humans walked the Earth!

Fish are fascinating beings who sense pain and fear just like other animals. But today, the oceans are under increasing threat. You too can be a friend to fish — learn more & take action at: www.AnimalsAustralia.org/fish

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