"Mass deaths": ABC News reveals Australian dairy cows suffering in live export deal

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Last updated 5 April 2019

A $100-million, government-backed live export deal has been described as “poorly planned and inhumane".

As revealed in an ABC News investigation, this deal has seen major Australian live exporter, Wellard, ship thousands of Australian and New Zealand dairy cows to Sri Lanka — where farmers claim they were left ‘high and dry’ without the promised training or resources to care for the animals.

As a result, hundreds of dairy cows and their calves have suffered and died.

"What I have now are carcasses of those dead cows and calves. I think I have a cemetery, not a farm anymore."
- Amal Suriyage, local farmer

If Australian live export regulations aren’t modified to include dairy and ‘breeder’ animals, there is nothing to stop a human and animal welfare disaster of this magnitude occurring again.


Speak out now to stop more pregnant cows from facing the terror and cruelty of live export!