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Last updated 14 September 2014

By donating to our successful McDonald’s appeal you’ve achieved something wonderful. Thank you!

So we are doubly grateful to be able to redirect your donation to high profile public awareness initiatives that are currently reaching over one million Australians daily with the truth about factory farming. Whether it’s on taxi-backs, billboards, social media or television, our relentless campaign continues to reach hearts and minds.

By staying the course with us, we can achieve even bigger things.

For millions of animals, this landmark decision will be life-changing. But we want to make it game-changing. McDonald’s is one piece of a much bigger picture. Sadly, cage eggs and other factory-farmed products still dominate the Australian market. But the Make it Possible campaign is changing that.

You can be a part of the next big win for animals by pledging a regular gift to support our strategic investigations and public awareness initiatives for animals.

Click here to join the Make it Possible fighting fund.