Tell your MP: Summer sheep shipments MUST END immediately!

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Last updated 12 May 2018

Your MP is paid to listen to YOU. Contact them urgently to demand action be taken to end live exports during the dangerous summer months!

BREAKING: The Turnbull government has ignored the evidence, and the advice of Australia’s peak veterinary body by continuing to allow shipments of sheep to be sent to the Middle East during the dangerous summer period.

By announcing its decision to continue to allow exporters to operate during the hottest months in the Middle East, the Australian government has turned its back on science, animals and the Australian public — and condemned thousands more sheep to suffer and die on board these ships of shame. This is a national disgrace.

Over a decade of data shows that suffering and deaths from heat stress and heat stroke increase significantly between May and October and that reducing stocking density has no measurable impact on the welfare of sheep.

Action must urgently be taken to stop sheep from being exported between the May to October period.

Contacting your MP is easy, and only takes a minute to let them know that you are relying on them to represent you, and the majority of Australians, and support an end to live export cruelty.

Use this form to find your MP’s contact details:

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