New laws crack down on rodeos

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 11 November 2011

New legislation in a number of states is cracking down on the cruelty of rodeos.

Over the past three years, largely due to just a few individuals with cameras and courage and Animals Australia’s subsequent detailed complaints and submissions, the State Governments of Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia have changed their laws, and some of the worst rodeo practices are being outlawed.

Tasmania has new regulations making it a legal requirement for a rodeo to have a veterinarian in attendance, and in South Australia calf roping has now been banned (it was already banned in Victoria). Victoria has introduced specific offences for practices such as using electric prods excessively on cattle (to make them jump as they enter the arena) and for using an electric prod on a horse at any time. Queensland is currently reviewing its rodeo rules and Animals Australia has made a detailed submission slamming this terrible ‘sport’ and specifically calling for a ban on calf roping.

What to do if a rodeo is coming to town:

Please call and write to any corporate sponsors and your local council immediately and ask them not to support such cruel events. Learn more about rodeos here.