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Last updated 11 November 2011

Hundreds of generous Animals Australia donors have chipped in to ask this very question of millions of newspaper readers this week.

Bobby calf adThanks to their generous support, Animals Australia has placed this eye-catching quarter-page advertisement in papers across Australia to demand a kinder future for hundreds of thousands of unwanted ‘bobby calves’ discarded and killed as ‘waste products’ every year.

It’s a secret so unpalatable that once learned, it must be shared. Our request to help fund this ad campaign has been met with overwhelming support, which has secured ad placement in all of the following major papers on 12th November:

WA: Weekend West Australian
ACT: Canberra Times

As well as the following papers on 13th November:

VIC: Sunday Herald Sun
NSW: Sunday Telegraph
QLD: Sunday Mail
SA: Adelaide Advertiser
TAS: Hobart Mercury

And the following papers on 19th November:

VIC: The Age
NSW: Sydney Morning Herald

The placement of these ads is timely, with the dairy industry pushing hard recently to pass a Standard that would make it legal to starve bobby calves for the last stressful 30 hours of their lives. Despite immense public backlash, a meeting of State and Federal Agriculture Ministers on 28th October failed to address community concern and improve conditions for these vulnerable animals — making it clear that the only hope for bobby calves rests in the hands of informed consumers.

The Animals Australia office has been inundated with calls and emails from people who previously had no idea of the callous way the dairy industry disposes of unwanted animals. Not only is public awareness growing, media interest is too. A recent story on Radio National’s Bush Telegraph highlighted further cruelty to calves.

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Our ad will be a major wake-up call not only to millions of caring consumers, but to the dairy industry. It will ensure that never again will their treatment of these calves escape the scrutiny and judgement of a community that won’t tolerate animal cruelty.

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