Open Wing Alliance' puts global cage egg industry on notice

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Last updated 27 July 2016

What’s more formidable than an animal protection organisation that has taken down some of the cage egg industry’s biggest customers? FOURTEEN OF THEM.

Here in Australia, the cage egg industry’s days are numbered. Animals Australia’s campaigns have already led the likes of Woolworths, McDonald’s, Subway, Hungry Jack’s and ALDI to make landmark commitments to drop cage eggs.

While we’ve been dismantling the cruel cage egg industry in Australia, cutting-edge campaigns led by organisations overseas are having extraordinary outcomes for hens worldwide.

Separately, these organisations are already freeing millions of hens from cages. Imagine what we could achieve together

Confined to cages like these until the day they're sent to slaughter, hens don't have room to even spread their wings.

The routine abuse and extreme captivity that defines factory farming is reviled by caring people. In fact, the hugely influential New York Magazine has described the lives of hens confined to battery cages as:

"…true hell. If there’s any fate worse than death, it’s living at an egg farm."
- Nick Tabor & James D. Walsh, Grub Street, New York Magazine

On behalf of these gentle animals, Animals Australia is proud to be a founding member of the Open Wing Alliance. Initiated by US group, The Humane League, this Alliance unites us at Animals Australia with leading animal protection groups in countries including France, South Korea, Germany and New Zealand. Fuelled by the support of thousands of caring people, these groups have the shared goal of ending cage egg cruelty — and have already secured cage-free commitments from dozens of huge international companies, like these:

This is just a handful of the companies who have pledged to phase out cruel cage eggs. Who will be next to hear the call?

Through the formation of this new, powerful Alliance, we’re sending big corporations the message that cage eggs have an expiry date — and setting our sights on freeing ALL hens from battery cages.

BREAKING: within just weeks of forming, the Open Wing Alliance has already claimed its first epic wins for animals, the announcements that the world’s two biggest foodservice companies — Compass Group and Sodexo — will join the ranks of global food giants that are shunning cage eggs!

Join us to create a kinder world for hens!

As more and more people around the world discover the truth about how animals are abused in factory farms — they’re choosing to turn their backs on cruelty, and discovering the joys of eating and living kindly. Find out how easy (and delicious!) it is to be a friend to hens 🙂