Meet the 5 year old who runs a sanctuary for farmed animals

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Last updated 17 March 2016

Phoenix is only 5 years old but she has a very important job, a job which she takes very seriously. Here’s what a day in her gumboots looks like:

Phoenix runs Greener Pastures Sanctuary for rescued animals in Western Australia. Okay, so she doesn’t do it all by herself but it’s pretty clear that she’s got some VERY important responsibilities …


Like cuddling roosters. Roosters like Chi Chi need love just like dogs and cats and pigs and cows. And Phoenix is a particularly good rooster cuddler.


No rooster is too big or too small to get a cuddle from Phoenix.


Phoenix is also in charge of looking after the pigs. Pigs like Freckle are very smart and sociable animals and they need a lot of attention, just like a dog or cat. Phoenix makes sure all the pigs at Greener Pastures are well cared for by walking them …


… investigating with them …


… and making sure they get plenty of company, especially Wombat. Wombat ended up at Greener Pastures after jumping from a moving truck(!) which was likely headed to a slaughterhouse. She isn’t taking any of it for granted — watch her loving rescued life here.


Phoenix also helps with feeding all the animals at the sanctuary, like Vinny the very hungry goat.


Sometimes she does the feeding dressed as a fairy because — why not?


And every meal is delivered with a kiss. Here’s one for Malibu.


We’re not sure who’s enjoying this more, Phoenix or Naboo.


When the animals at the sanctuary have somewhere important to go, Phoenix will take them there.


Even if it’s just to a tasty looking tree.


It’s a full time job. But Phoenix wouldn’t have it any other way.


After all, the animals have been there for her since she was in nappies.

Just like many of us feel that our dog or cat are a part of our family, for Phoenix all the animals at Greener Pastures are family.


You can follow Phoenix and her friends on Greener Pastures Facebook page and donate to help the animals who call Greener Pastures home.

Though only 5 years old, Phoenix can see that animals deserve a life free from pain and suffering. They have personalities and desires and they want to feel loved. You can help free animals from suffering by eating more plant-based food. Grab a free starter kit for great tips and meat-free recipes.

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