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5 Australian companies that will deliver plant-based meals to your door.

Let someone else cook and deliver next week's dinners for you.
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Last updated 6 April 2020

Give yourself a break … Take a midday nap. Treat yourself to some chocolate! Ignore that pile of laundry for one more day (it’s all sweatpants anyway, right?) – and maybe, just maybe, let someone else cook and deliver next week’s dinners for you.

There’s no sugar-coating it, things are weird right now. We’re all adjusting to a strange new reality and that means changing our daily routines significantly. One thing that might have dropped a little lower on your priority list is meal planning. And yet, enjoying nutritious foods on a somewhat regular eating schedule is a fantastic way you can look after your wellbeing during a time like this.

The meal delivery service industry is booming in Australia, and with so many Aussies now choosing to enjoy more plant-based foods, there are a growing number of companies that specialise in delivering animal-friendly meals right across the country.

So, if you’re finding it difficult to cook regular meals for yourself, let alone for your family, perhaps whilst working from home, check out this list of companies who are keen to serve up ready-made plant-based meals, right to your doorstep…

1. Garden of Vegan

If you believe your body is a temple (and we absolutely agree), treat it as such. Garden of Vegan is not only fully plant-based, but their food is also organic, gluten-free, and oil-free. It’s even cooked in filtered water! Yes, that’s a thing! They have an expansive delivery range across Australia, with an easy postcode-check to see if your home is on their route.

Find out more on Garden of Vegan’s Instagram.

2. HerbiDoor

Herbidoor services most cities along the east coast with meals ranging from spaghetti and ‘Veef’ meatballs to Mexican burrito bowls to a whole host of fabulous Asian cuisine. They pride themselves on using eco-friendly packaging too, so if you’re environmentally-minded, click here to see if these lovely humans deliver to your area.

Find out more on HerbiDoor’s Instagram.

3. Galaxy Vegan

Based in Sydney but delivering all around Australia, this team can also accommodate any specific allergies you might have if that’s a concern for you. (But don’t say you’re allergic to coriander – it’s no one else’s fault that your taste buds are simply wrong!) Check out their extensive weekly menu to see what’s available now.

Find out more on Galaxy Vegan’s Instagram.

4. Lavana

You’ve heard about aiming to “eat the rainbow,” right? Lavana Wholefoods is well-versed in the rainbow – and the flavours that come along with it. If you’re in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs reach out to these legends and set up a Monday or Tuesday delivery.

Find out more on Lavana’s Instagram.

5. Soulara

Soulara places a strong emphasis on nourishing the soul with whole foods, which may be exactly what your body needs right now. Their meals take a lot of inspiration from Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, so your dinner won’t be lacking in flavour. They also deliver to all major Australian cities.

Having delicious, wholesome meals is one thing that can help you feel a sense of comfort and normalcy when the rest of your life feels anything but. So consider treating yourself to some of these almost-home-cooked meals next week. You deserve it.

That being said, if all you need is a little inspiration in the kitchen, by all means, head to VegKit.com for all your recipe needs sorted!

Find out more on Soulara’s Instagram.

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