Bobby calf rescue: Jordy finds his feet

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Last updated 12 September 2013

Jordy recently celebrated a huge milestone – he turned one month old. At four weeks, this calf is already four times older than many dairy calves will ever be.

He was born for one reason: to keep his mother producing milk. Within days of being born, he was separated from his mum, so that her milk could be sold. Jordy had served his ‘purpose’ – and, no longer needed, he was to be sent to slaughter. But it would seem that fate was smiling on this little calf…

Before Jordy could be turned into veal or pet food, he was rescued. Now he has found his calling in life – as an advocate for other calves. He’s living at Brightside Farm Sanctuary, where he is part of their education program, empowering young people to get to know farm animals and understand the challenges they face.

Jordy and his new friends cuddle in the hay
Jordy and some of his new friends enjoy the sunshine

Jordy was lucky. He almost became one of the 400,000 calves who are casualties of the dairy industry each year. But he was saved. And the choices you make have the power to protect more calves just like Jordy. Start protecting calves from cruelty today!

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