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Last updated 14 October 2014

In Lombok, Indonesia, one passionate teacher-turned-shark advocate has come up with a way to help sharks that is so simple, it’s brilliant.

Oh … and did we mention that it helps people, and the environment too?

(Just a note before you hit play: there are graphic images of shark finning at the beginning of this video. We recommend you skip through to the 30 sec mark if you’d rather not see them. We promise it’s all smiles from that point 🙂

Every year, millions of sharks are killed around the world for their meat and fins. Shark populations in some areas have been so decimated, entire species are at risk of being wiped out — which is not only bad news for sharks, but the ecosystems they live in.
Kathy was spurred into action after watching the documentary ‘Sharkwater‘ — leaving her job so that she could dedicate her life to helping these misunderstood creatures. By encouraging fishermen to use their boats for eco-tourism — rather than hunting — Kathy’s inspiring initiative ‘The Dorsal Effect‘ — hopes to save lives by turning shark hunters into shark savers!
Importantly, her project shows that a transition towards a
kinder way of ‘doing business’ can not only help animals — but can be
better for people and the environment
! Learn more about shark-friendly Lombok (near Bali) boat trips here.

You too can be a voice for sharks by pledging
to never buy or eat shark fin soup. And if you know of any other
inspiring ideas that have helped transform industries to help animals
— we’d love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.


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