Incredible! Stingray comes out of the water for a treat

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Last updated 10 August 2016

We’re calling it: Stingrays are the real dogs of the sea.

How amazing is that video? We’re not sure who was enjoying the head rub more — the stingray or the man — but it looks like the two have a unique bond.

Seals are often referred to as the dogs of the sea but after seeing this stingray jump up and flap his wings for a treat, and then get a head rub, stingrays are definitely in the running. If you’re not convinced that stingrays have anything in common with dogs, here’s a fun fact: baby stingrays are called pups! And they’re certainly a sight to behold.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

The underside of white baby stingrays.
Baby stingrays are called pups.
Image credit: Flickr/little peppercorn

It’s not every day (possibly never) that we get to get up close with marine animals like the man in the video. But the more we learn about the animals under the sea, the more it’s clear that just like all animals, they have unique personalities and are deserving of our respect and compassion.

Here’s how you can help marine life today:

  • Pledge to never attend a marine park or aquarium
    Show respect for ocean animals by enjoying nature documentaries, photos or observing them in the wild.
  • Eat for tomorrow
    Reducing or eliminating animal products from your diet is the single most powerful thing you can do as a consumer to ease the stress on our oceans. Fish feel pain and fish in fish farms suffer just as much as animals on factory farms. Not only that, fish are fed to pigs, chickens — even other fish in fish farms — in numbers that are wiping out ocean ecosystems.
  • Minimise or eliminate plastic waste where possible
    Every piece of plastic ever made still exists. And there are frightening predictions by experts that we could have more plastic in the oceans than fish, by the year 2050 Learn more about how plastic is impacting marine animals here.

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