VICTORY! Tasmania vows to ban battery cages!

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Last updated 17 May 2012

In a historic move, Tasmania has become the first Australian state to commit to a complete phase out of battery cages.

On the same day, the State Government also vowed to fast-track the phase out of pregnant sow crates by the middle of next year — well before the pork industry’s own target of 2017.

Celebrate on facebook!The announcement comes after years of intensive public awareness campaigning by Animals Australia, the efforts of colleague groups, and strategic investigations by Tasmanian member society Brightside Farm Sanctuary. This tremendous outcome shows how an informed community and empowered consumers can underpin significant and lasting change for animals.

Pregnant sow crates are still used across Australia and are used to confine a pregnant mother pig so tightly that she cannot even turn around. An estimated one in six battery hens lives in constant pain with a broken bone — a consequence of lack of exercise from living in a space smaller than an A4 sized sheet of paper.

On the back of growing public opposition to factory farming, the Tasmanian Government has recognised that such cruel acts cannot be justified, and will soon enact legislation to phase out these practices by law. This landmark decision will reduce the suffering of thousands upon thousands of animals currently confined in cages in Tasmanian factory farms.

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