Australians call for better laws to protect cattle

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Last updated 20 August 2013

Tens of thousands of kind Aussies made submissions to a recent public consultation on the Standards for the treatment of cattle. Thank you for speaking out for these animals!

Behind their gentle demeanour, cattle have a mental and emotional life that might surprise you. But while they are known to enjoy solving puzzles, in Australia, cows face bigger problems than they can solve on their own.

The Standards and Guidelines for cattle effectively side step the laws that protect other animals from cruelty — allowing workers to subject cattle to cruel practices, such as surgical procedures without pain relief.

If the new Standards are passed in their current form, cattle will once again draw the short straw:

What will the new Standards mean for cattle?

There will be no requirement for food and water to be available to all animals daily; no requirement for shelter or shade to be provided; and no requirement for all animals to be inspected regularly. Painful procedures will also continue to be permitted without any pain relief.
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Submissions are now closed for the public consultation into the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle, but you can still help our bovine buddies!

Stand up for cattle

  • Call for an end to live export: The grim fate for many animals on cattle stations is to be loaded onto ships in the live export trade. Exported to countries with no laws to protect them, these animals can suffer unspeakable abuses — including having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. Click here to urge your MP to support a ban on live animal exports.
  • Make your choices count:Every time you sit down to dinner, you have an opportunity to make a difference. By making the choice to eat more meat-free meals, or take animals off your plate completely, you can help protect these wonderful animals and save lives. Click here to find out more about how you can make compassionate choices for cattle.

The consultation into the Standards for the treatment of sheep was also also flooded with tens of thousands of public submissions calling for a better deal for animals! Find out more here…