Supporter spotlight: Thank you, Dominic!

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Last updated 12 September 2013

Every day we are inspired by the efforts of individuals who are making this world a kinder place. Today we take our hats off to Dominic.

Dominic isn’t able to join rallies. He can’t collect petition signatures, or even compose an e-mail without difficulty. He suffers from an incurable illness that has rendered him bed-bound for more than 4 years. Yet, Dominic considers himself ‘fortunate’. Why? Because he maintains that animals who are born into lives of misery in factory farms suffer far worse.

Dominic refuses to focus on what limits him and instead finds joy – and purpose – in helping our fellow species. He has a goal to raise $1,000 to help end the suffering of animals raised for food. Click here to chip in!

Dominic, your extraordinary compassion, optimism and fighting spirit humbles and inspires us all. “Thank you" is not enough to express our gratitude, on behalf of animals.

You can help!

  • Can you chip in a few dollars to Dominic’s personal fundraising page?
  • If you’d like to join Dominic in raising funds to help animals, click here to create your own fundraising page for Animals Australia — it’s quick and simple to get started.

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