THANK YOU for speaking out for sheep!

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Last updated 16 August 2013

Thanks to caring Aussies, the recent public consultation on the way sheep are treated in this country received an overwhelming response. Over 30,000 people made a submission!

Sheep are social animals, who can experience joy, fear and pain — just like the dogs and cats we share our homes with. Yet, despite their similarities, sheep can be subjected to cruel practices that would be illegal if performed on our pets at home.

One would be forgiven for thinking the proposed Standards and Guidelines for sheep are designed to protect sheep. But the reality is they effectively bypass animal cruelty laws to allow workers to cut pieces off young lambs’ bodies without pain relief.

What would the proposed new Standards mean for sheep?

There will be no requirement for food and water to be available to all animals daily; no requirement for shelter or shade to be provided; and no requirement for all animals to be inspected regularly. Painful procedures will also continue to be permitted without any pain relief.
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Submissions are now closed for the public consultation into the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Sheep, but you can still help our woolly friends!

Stand up for sheep

  • Call for an end to live export: The grim fate for many sheep in Australia is to be loaded onto ships in the live export trade. Exported to countries with no laws to protect them, these animals can suffer unspeakable abuses — including having their throats cut whilst fully conscious. Click here to urge your MP to support a ban on live animal exports.
  • Make your choices count: Caught in a profit driven industry, sheep are forced to endure these painful procedures because of demand for lamb, mutton and wool. But fortunately, the choices we make at the dinner table (and when buying clothes) can spare them. By making the choice to eat more meat-free meals, or take animals off your plate completely, you can help protect sheep and save lives. Click here to find out more about how you can make compassionate choices for sheep.

The consultation into the Standards for the treatment of cattle was also also flooded with tens of thousands of public submissions calling for a better deal for animals! Find out more here…