The Project covers live export disgrace

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 21 September 2012

Network 10’s The Project last night highlighted the live export crisis this week, speaking to Animals Australia Campaign Director Lyn White.

Live export has been making headlines again, with recent disasters in Qatar and Kuwait, as well as the Ocean Drover emergency. Now, 21,000 Australian sheep ‘fast-tracked’ to Pakistan are in limbo amid threats of a mass cull.

This latest string of live export incidents demonstrates that the measures put in place by the Gillard Government, to reassure Australians that animal welfare was being addressed, are failing. While live export continues, animals will continue to suffer stressful sea journeys, and fully-conscious slaughter in countries with no laws to protect them.

It is now clearer than ever that the only way to protect animals from the inherent cruelty of live export is to ban the trade.

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