Watch these people get blown away as they're shown the secrets of food marketing

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Last updated 10 August 2016

This is what ‘farm fresh’ really looks like …

Wow. It’s a scary thought isn’t it — that marketers can make horrible cruelty to animals sound like a good idea. Just like the audience in this video, most of us are horrified when exposed to the cruelty of modern farming. The meat industry knows this and will do anything to keep the truth from us.

The presenter’s closing line in this video by Compassion in World Farming is a powerful one:

[plugin type="quotation" quote="This is systemised cruelty on a massive scale and we only get away with it because everyone is prepared to look the other way."]

However, as she explains the secret weapon is YOU. You can choose not to look the other way — to see through the spin and make kind choices for animals. In fact, you have the power to free animals from factory farms for good. Here’s how:

It’s as easy as that. As more people make kind choices and reduce the demand for cruel animal products, animal industries will be forced to change their practices. So animals need all the help they can get. Here’s how you can take a stand against factory farming today:

The world is changing … for the better

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