Top 5 amazing animal dads!

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Last updated 28 August 2015

In honour of Father’s Day, let’s count down our list of top 5 animal dads!


Jump onboard, kids! These dutiful dads take over the babysitting soon after birth; grooming and licking their infants. Later, the dads will feed them, as well as piggybacking the babies all over the place.

Oreophryne frog

Cuddle time! Oreophryne frog dads carefully hug their babies to keep them from drying out, and to protect them from insects.

Golden jackal

These protective dads dig burrows for their female partners to give birth safely — then in preparation for the arrival of their cubs, they helpfully regurgitate food for them!

Emperor penguin

Second place is claimed by the very deserving male emperor penguin. The Antarctic is so cold that if penguin eggs were to touch the icy ground, the chick inside would most likely never hatch. So what does dad do? He holds the eggs on the top of his feet covered by his belly … for two months … without eating!


But at the top of this list of animal dads is the seahorse. Seahorses are always going to be pretty hard to beat, seeing as they are the ones who actually give birth! On average, a seahorse will give birth to 100-200 “fry". That’s a dad who takes his job pretty seriously.

Do you know a wonderful dad? You could share this list with him in honour of Father’s Day!

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