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Last updated 7 November 2014

Mr Universe winner Billy Simmonds sat down with us at his local gym to talk being a champion body builder and his love for animals.

It’s always inspiring to see an athlete at the top of their game. In the case of Brisbane bodybuilder Billy Simmonds it’s all the more inspiring to know he’s smashing stereotypes all the way to the top of his sport. Winner of the 2009 Mr Natural Universe competition, not only does Billy not use steroids, he has also been a passionate vegetarian ever since his teens.

Billy is by no means the first elite athlete to fuel his super-human feats on cruelty-free food — Carl Lewis, Greg Chappell, and Martina Navratalova all reached the pinacle of their sports as vegetarians — but in a sport where muscle is everything, it’s great to see Billy dispelling the myth that you need meat to be buff. In fact he has even started an online training program to assist other vegetarian bodybuilders,

While winning Mr Universe may not be a feat all of us can achieve, we each have the power to make a difference in the lives of animals. Adopting a cruelty free plant based diet can save roughly 100 animals’ lives every year. Take the 30-Day Veg Pledge and get a taste for the compassionate diet that has fueled Billy’s inspiring sporting achievements.

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(Big thanks to Go Health at Browns Plains for letting us film in their gym.)

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