VIC Labor opens wetlands to shooters who broke laws, killed protected species: INVESTIGATION

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Last updated 22 March 2016

Protected waterbirds killed. Animal cruelty laws flouted. Wetlands polluted. And that was just day one of Victoria’s 2016 duck shooting season. Our investigators filmed it all…

It’s 2017. But the VIC Labor Government must think it’s 1950. Despite 9 in 10 Victorians1 wanting a ban on duck shooting, Government spokespeople still insist that shooting native waterbirds is a ‘legitimate’ recreational activity.

After just one day on the wetlands, our investigators proved that there is nothing ‘legitimate’ about this Government-endorsed wildlife slaughter.

Damning legal complaints are being compiled by the Animals Australia legal team citing serious breaches of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and the Wildlife Act.

This came just days after Animals Australia and CADs were forced to approach the Vic Supreme Court to block shooters from killing birds on a major Victorian wetland where threatened species were seeking refuge.

A 'protected' Freckled Duck was one of many casualties of Victoria's duck shooting opening weekend.

Drought-affected birds are failing to breed and wetlands are at historic lows. If the Andrews Government had acted on science, instead of recklessly pandering to a tiny minority who want to kill animals for ‘sport’, it wouldn’t have allowed a shooting season at all.

Thankfully, public opinion is clearly on the animals’ side. And several states have already listened to their voters and banned duck shooting entirely. Of those remaining, Victoria sees more waterbirds killed by shooters than any other location in Australia.

The Victorian Labor government has the power to end this violence — but they need to hear from you first. Please urgently send a polite e-mail to Premier Daniel Andrews reminding him that caring members of the public expect his government to keep native animals safe, not shot.

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[1] SOURCE: 87% of informed Victorians surveyed, Roy Morgan Research 2007