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Last updated 16 May 2013

If Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will not personally guarantee that animals will not be abused in the live export trade, then they should support an to end live export. This was our clear and simple message at a joint press conference with Independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, in Canberra today.

Holding up an image of a bull who was brutally killed in Egypt, who we have called Jacob, Mr Wilkie reinforced this important message in parliamentary question time, by asking Julia Gillard for her personal guarantee that animals will no longer be abused in live export.

wilkie-holding-photo.jpgWilkie holding up a picture of Jacob, a gentle Brahman from WA. Jacob had done nothing wrong. But his tendons were slashed and his eyes were stabbed in an abattoir in Egypt. Click here to demand justice for Jacob.

Further horrendous footage has emerged in the last 48 hours, showing systemic abuse of Australian cattle in Egypt. The footage reveals more Australian cattle walking around with gaping throat cuts in the same facility live exporters have claimed is ‘state-of-the-art’.

Labor, the Coalition and the live export industry have continually rejected calls to support mandatory stunning for all animals in the live trade. Sadly, much of the worst cruelty witnessed in this recent footage from Egypt is the result of animals being slaughtered while fully conscious.

Australian politicians and industry representatives have been quick to condemn the slashing of leg tendons. But they’ve missed the obvious. They cannot express horror at tendon slashing and deem it unacceptable and not find equally unacceptable the slashing of a conscious animal’s throat. Yet, this is the fate for the vast majority of animals exported from Australia.

The Australian live export industry has had nearly 20 years of involvement in Egypt. Instead of improving standards for animals, this industry has been contributing to appalling cruelty by supplying animals to the horrors of fully conscious slaughter.

Australian farmers have been deceived. They have again been told that their animals were being treated humanely, only to discover otherwise. To make matters worse, the blind political support for live export is fuelling a false confidence in a trade that is inherently unstable and unsustainable.

The sky WON’T fall in if live export ends. But if live export continues, animals WILL continue to suffer.

Andrew Wilkie has announced that he will introduce a new Bill to phase out live export. With an election looming and more evidence of cruelty in Egypt, the animals need your voice today.

Click here to ask your MP for their personal guarantee that animals will never again be subjected to such abuse, and if they cannot provide it, to support legislation to end live export.


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