Woolworths makes history for hens in the ACT!

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Last updated 4 September 2014

The writing is on the wall — and dozens of billboards, and thousands of taxis — Australians want hens out of cages! And Woolworths is leading the way, taking cage eggs off the shelves in all 19 of their stores throughout the ACT!

This historic move comes four years earlier than promised, with the retail giant already committing to phase out cage eggs nationally by 2018. It just goes to show how quickly companies can move when people demand it!

And it’s a message that’s been hard to miss in Canberra with our ads calling on Australians to make the battery cage history blanketing the nation’s capital on TV, taxis and one of the Territory’s most prominent billboards!

  • Billboard at Canberra airport

    First class ticket to freedom… This high impact billboard can be seen at the Canberra Airport.

  • New taxi ad

    These brand new taxi ads have just hit the streets…
  • New taxi ad

    …all over the country!
  • Taxi back

    On taxis alone we are reaching over 1 million people people every single day!

With our laws failing to protect hens from the cruelty of battery cages it’s up to us to drive change, and, increasingly, retailers are recognising their power to help make the world a kinder place for animals.

Retailers like Julie Quinton at Warrandyte IGA in Victoria, who removed all factory farmed eggs from her shelves overnight after seeing a single photo of an abused hen in a battery farm.

All of these amazing decisions for animals start in the same place… with you. Every cage egg left on the shelf — or in the case of Woolies and Quinton’s IGA, not put on the shelf in the first place — is another step towards freeing hens from the cruelty of battery cages.

Three more easy ways you can be kind to hens!

  1. Write to Woolworths and applaud them for their decision to go cage-free!
  2. Tell McDonald’s that if Woolies can ditch the cage eggs — they can too!
  3. Become a savvy shopper. Know what you’re buying into by downloading our egg labelling cheat sheet — and share it with your friends.
Cage Barn laid and RSPCA Approved Indoor1 Certified free range2 and RSPCA Approved Outdoor1 Certified organic3
Are hens confined in cages? YES NO NO NO
Are hens provided with a nest/perch? NO YES YES YES
Do hens have space to flap their wings/exercise? NO YES (restricted)4 YES YES
Do hens have access to an outdoor range? NO NO YES YES
Are hens allowed to be ‘debeaked’? YES YES MAYBE
(depends on certification body)3
Are male chicks killed at birth?** YES YES YES YES
Are hens sent to slaughter from 18 months old?** YES YES YES YES

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