IN THE NEWS: Protesters storm abattoir after horrific undercover footage shows the moment a baby cow is stomped on by a Queensland slaughterhouse worker


IN THE NEWS: On NOV 21, 2017

Animal rights activists have stormed an abattoir after horrific undercover footage emerged of a worker stomping on the head of a baby cow.

The protestors blockaded Highchester Abattoir south of Brisbane on Tuesday morning, preventing workers from entering.

The group of 24 activists from Animal Liberation Queensland were responding to a video of a calf being kicked and stomped on by a slaughterhouse worker.

By 9am police had escorted the activists from slaughterhouse, but no arrests were made, The Sunshine Coast Daily reported. 

The group had been inside the abattoir since before 5am, and hung a banner reading 'Dairy industry kills' on the building.

Other signs held by the group read 'Animals murdered here', 'Cows are individuals, not property', and 'Dairy = torture, rape and murder'.

Animal Liberation Queensland Chay Neal said the worker caught kicking the calf should lose his job.

Activists here today are demanding that the worker caught on film brutally stomping and kicking this calf be fired,' he said.

'More importantly, we want consumers to realise they have the power to stop other animals like Sammy suffering this fate - by making kinder choices and not supporting the dairy industry.' 

The video shows a worker attaching a chain to a calf at the slaughterhouse when he is kicked by the animal.

The worker retaliates by treading on the animal, stomping on its head and neck, and then kicking it. 

Highchester Abattoir declined to comment when contacted by Daily Mail Australia.

The news comes less than a week after video filmed by activists in Victoria emerged, showing free-range chickens being boiled alive at a Melbourne abattoir.

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