IN THE NEWS: Sheep carnage after cattle truck rollover in Piggoreet


IN THE NEWS: On FEB 12, 2018

Almost 200 sheep were killed in a truck rollover in Piggoreet, south-west of Ballarat on Monday morning.

A cattle truck lost control and rolled over on Pitfield-Scarsdale Road at 10.20am. 

The truck was carrying 370 sheep.

170 sheep were killed in the rollover or as a result of Agriculture Victoria having to kill injured animals. 

The driver was not injured.

Animal activist Gary Ward attended the scene and said he didn't see anyone tending to the injured sheep when he arrived two hours after the incident. 

"There were sheep everywhere that were still alive or badly injured. No one was doing anything about those poor sheep. That should have been their first priority," he said. 

"As far as I could see there were no vets there and no people from DELWP euthanising injured animals. If they were attending those sheep it must have been after the two hours I had been there." 

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