PRESS RELEASE: Kangaroos again the losers in Canberra



Animals Australia has today condemned the Defence Department decision to take the lives of 400 kangaroos at their Belconnen Naval Transmission Station in Canberra.

‘I call on the Minister for Defence to intervene to stop this war on the kangaroos. The excuse that translocation to offered properties in NSW is too expensive is a tragic outcome for the targeted kangaroos. This decision indicates to the watching world that Australia and Australians do not value its national animal’, said Animals Australia Executive Director, Glenys Oogjes.

‘The Defence Department have allowed this situation to develop through a failure to manage the enclosed kangaroo population at the Station. Non lethal intervention, such as fertility control, should have been implemented many years ago. Now these kangaroos will pay the ultimate price for that neglect and mismanagement’, Ms Oogjes said.

‘It is tremendously disappointing that the Defence Department seem more concerned about dollars than about these magnificent animals. Whilst translocation comes with it’s own problems, including some stress to the kangaroos, the benefit is that those animals would then be able to live peaceful lives on properties in NSW. The Defence Department’s decision to kill means there are no winners’. Glenys Oogjes concluded.


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