Meet the unexpected star of our latest TV campaign against sheep export cruelty

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Last updated 29 June 2018

Introducing Ollie the labrador, who is ‘speaking’ up for live export’s victims (and how you can too!)

First things first, Ollie is a professional. He’s only been acting for a few months, but already he can stop, drop and drool with the best of them. He’s a happy-go-lucky boy, always excited to meet new people or chase his favourite orange squeaky ball. And there’s no resisting his big, goofy grin.

But as soon as the cameras start rolling, he’s all business. And on this overcast winter’s day in Melbourne, Ollie performed the role of a lifetime: helping expose the inescapable cruelty at the heart of Australia’s live sheep export trade.

For Ollie, it was just a fun day out with his friends. But while he went home at the end of the day, safe and loved, another acting job well done — the suffering of the sheep also featured in this ad remains tragically real.

We’re at a critical point in the battle to end live sheep exports. Now, more than ever before, we must keep the plight of these animals first and foremost in politician’s minds, on their TV screens and in their inboxes.

Keep the pressure up!

Every day that animals are suffering on these death ships is a day that politicians need to feel the heat. The most powerful action you can take today to help the sheep is also the easiest.

Whether you’ve already sent a message to your Federal MP — or if this is the first time — please, click here to email them now. Make sure they know that you won’t stop speaking out for the sheep until this cruellest of trades ends, once and for all:


Ollie and sheep