What an Independent Office of Animal Welfare would mean for animals

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 6 June 2016

For too long, animal welfare has been in the hands of Departments of Agriculture, whose key stakeholders are some of the very industries responsible for industrialised animal cruelty. Now there’s hope for an end to this conflict of interest with an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.

Our current system has consistently failed animals for decades. Both at the Federal and State levels, departments and ministers charged with looking after animal welfare have as their primary stakeholders the very industries that cause animals the greatest suffering. With this clear conflict of interest — the welfare of animals has always come second to the economic interests of the animal agriculture lobby.

This is why — despite more and more Australians making kinder choices at the supermarket — there are still millions of pigs and hens confined to cruel factory farms in this country; why we continue to subject animals to the horrors of live export; why dairy calves trucked to slaughter can be legally denied food for 30 hours; and it is why after years of ‘consultation’ with industry, it’s still legal and routine to perform surgical procedures on animals like sheep and cows with no pain relief.


An Independent Office of Animal Welfare (IOAW) would have the authority to shape policy and make decisions that are first and foremost in the interests of animals. Caring Australians are unanimous in their support for the IOAW, demonstrating the strength of our united voices — and that animal welfare is finally acknowledged as an issue of political and national significance in Australia.