6 awful things heard at the NSW racing industry 'inquiry' into greyhound mass graves

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Last updated 7 July 2015

Dogs ‘ripped open’, punched in the head, shot and buried … welcome to NSW greyhound racing, according to industry insiders.

UPDATE 7 July 2016: Premier Mike Baird has announced the historic decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW — get all the good news here!

Rumours of a ‘field of dead dogs’ at Keinbah Training Track just wouldn’t go away — especially after bones and skulls were found — so the current owners of the track asked Greyhound Racing NSW to excavate the property. Instead, GRNSW ran an internal inquiry, and decided that there wasn’t enough evidence to proceed. That’s despite participants in the inquiry admitting that up to 18 dogs were killed and buried at the track.

Witnesses also made shocking allegations of cruelty, cover-ups and missing dogs. Here are just a few excerpts from the inquiry report:

Injured dog (q)punched(/q), (q)dragged(/q) and (q)gasping(/q)

Multiple witnesses described a dog injured when he ran into a gate on the Keinbah track — forcefully enough to leave a permanent dent in the gate — later being punched in the head and dragged to a trailer.

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="After being hit, the dog was ‘screaming’ and … would not walk … (sb)The witness said the trainer(/sb) partially picked the greyhound up and dragged the greyhound on its back two feet to the trailer on his vehicle. At the time, the greyhound was being held by the collar and was gasping."]

(q)I’m taking it home to get a bullet in his head.(/q)

According to evidence given at the inquiry, the same dog died later that day without receiving veterinary care, and was buried at the home of the trainer in question. Witnesses alleged the trainer had said he was “taking it home to get a bullet in his head."

The dog wasn’t even two years old, and didn’t have a name.

(q)Ripped open(/q)

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="(sb)A trainer(/sb) confirmed that he had buried some greyhounds at (sb)Keinbah(/sb) which had died at the Maitland races. He also confirmed that he had put down a pup which had ‘smashed’ its head after hitting a steel item in the chute, and that there were other dogs who had been ‘ripped open and had to be put down, in the yard there…’ (sb)He(/sb) acknowledged that ‘a lot of them died. I’ve shot a lot of them because they were badly injured.’"]

(q)Bleeding out(/q)

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="(sb)A trainer(/sb) was also questioned about an incident which had occurred at Maitland where a greyhound was injured … (sb)He(/sb) confirmed that he had held the greyhound’s chest as the greyhound was ‘bleeding out’. (sb)He and another trainer(/sb) had driven to the house … which was straight behind the showground, to have the greyhound put down. (sb)The trainer(/sb) confirmed that there was a veterinary surgery about two minutes away…"]

Missing dogs

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="(sb)A trainer(/sb) was interviewed at length (sb)during a 2014 investigation(/sb) in relation to his knowledge regarding the disposal of greyhounds on the property … Through his own admission the paper trail for a large amount of (sb)dogs(/sb) has not been followed correctly thus making it difficult to ascertain the whereabouts of dogs under his control. When asked why he has not compl(sb)ied(/sb) with the regulations … his response was … (q)Just didn’t that’s why(/q)“]


Disturbingly, more than one witness also made allegations of cover-ups by GRNSW, but these were set aside as ‘outside the scope’ of the inquiry.

UPDATE 13 July 2015 — Bones found & independent inquiry commissioned

The current owner of the Keinbah track has found ‘layers of greyhound bones’ on the property, following the internal industry inquiry’s decision not to excavate. Thanks to public outcry, a new independent inquiry has now been commissioned by GRNSW, to determine whether witnesses gave false or misleading evidence at the previous inquiry.

While this is an important step towards justice for these victims, the lack of integrity and accountability surrounding this ‘mass grave’ crisis demonstrates yet again this industry’s complete lack of regard for the wellbeing of animals.

UPDATE 7 July 2016

VICTORY! Greyhound racing will soon be illegal in NSW and ACT. In a historic announcement, NSW and ACT will become the first state and territory in Australia to outlaw greyhound racing! By acting on damning evidence of systemic cruelty, some justice will be served for the victims of this cruel ‘sport’. Urge your state to follow NSW and ACT’s compassionate suit — tell your MP this industry can’t continue.

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