Has NSW greyhound racing reached its 'expiry date'?

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Last updated 14 May 2015

Live-baiting. ‘Roll cages’. Mass graves. It all adds up to a “toxic" mix, and the NSW Greens think it’s high time the entire greyhound racing industry was thrown on the scrap heap.

UPDATE 7 July 2016: Premier Mike Baird has announced the historic decision to ban greyhound racing in NSW — get all the good news here!

With recent revelations of mass graves, and further cruel training practices, NSW Greens MP, Dr John Kaye, has skipped suggesting reforms within the greyhound racing industry and gone straight into making a direct call to introduce a Bill that would outlaw the entire “toxic" business.

As long as there is commercial greyhound racing there will be animal cruelty.

Dr Kaye’s bold statement sums up the views of the wider community who, over the past months, have flooded their MP’s offices with messages to put an to end greyhound racing cruelty — helping to achieve justice for the animals suffering in this cruel ‘sport’.

"Animals, gambling and profits are a particularly toxic mix … Any industry that results in the death of 3,000 dogs each year in name of profit has reached its expiry date."
- Dr John Kaye

Given the short attention span of modern media, it’s a heartening reflection of just how concerned Australians are about the plight of greyhounds in the racing industry that these abused dogs are still making headlines months after live-baiting cruelty was exposed by Animals Australia and Animal Liberation Queensland.

The writing is on the wall: it's time for greyhound racing to end.

Since the ground-breaking exposé on ABC’s Four Corners, Greyhound Racing Victoria has apologised for failing to detect live-baiting; the RSPCA has called for an end to public funding for greyhound racing; prize monies are set to be slashed; animal welfare levies are due to be introduced; and scores of live-baiting trainers have been banned from the ‘sport’.

With one news outlet after another picking up on new greyhound racing horrors every week, and brave MP’s like John Kaye speaking out in defence of dogs, the continued existence of the industry is looking increasingly doubtful, which means that a brighter future for greyhounds is in sight!

All dogs deserve to be protected!

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