VICTORY for greyhounds: Logan QLD racetrack scrapped

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Last updated 7 February 2017

In a five-year battle for man’s best friend, thousands of compassionate Queenslanders have taken action to stop the expansion of greyhound racing in their state. And today, people power paid off! Not only for dogs, but for the whole community.

In 2015 our investigations with Animal Liberation Queensland into horrific live baiting exposed the rotten core of Australian greyhound racing. These shocking revelations further fuelled the determination of locals near Slack’s Creek in Queensland who had been waging a battle to stop a proposed new greyhound racing track.

These compassionate citizens have tirelessly spoken out for greyhound racing’s victims — including the helpless possums, rabbits, piglets and kittens used as ‘bait’, and the thousands of healthy dogs and puppies discarded by this ruthless gambling industry each year.

Tenacity paid off with the announcement today that there will be no greyhound racing track at Cronulla Park. Instead of spending $12.5 million taxpayer dollars on a cruel greyhound racing track for gambling, Logan Council and the QLD state government will build a sports and recreation facility for the whole community to enjoy.

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="We believe a multi-use sporting facility is a much better outcome for Logan and the greater Logan City Council region." author="QLD Minister for Sport, Curtis Pitt “]

Countless victims of cruel greyhound racing — like dogs, piglets and possums — will be spared thanks to this decision.

"Greyhound racing in Logan has been well and truly muzzled. A great day for the people of Logan."
- Logan City Mayor, Luke Smith

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  • As long as greyhound racing is allowed anywhere in Australia, animals will suffer. Help secure a nationwide ban on greyhound racing by contacting your state MP today:

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