Baby Henry asleep on his old best mate -- a blind rescued dog who has since passed away.

Christmas Appeal: Meet Henry – the Australian pig who's one in 4.8 million!

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Last updated 7 November 2022

Henry almost didn’t survive.

His mum gave birth to him in a farrowing crate. At just a few days old, he was pressed in the corner of the barren cage, sick and dying, out of reach of his mother.

Her maternal instincts were overwhelming, and she wanted to be with her baby – but she couldn’t take any more than a step forwards or backwards, she couldn’t turn around, and she couldn’t tend to her sick piglet. Henry’s life – destined to be short and brutal – was going to be nothing more than another ‘acceptable loss’ for Australia’s ‘pork’ industry. It would begin and end in a bleak factory farm, where he’d never know love or see daylight.

But one kind soul believed in something better – and took action.

Emma scooped up the shivering, sick piglet and just a few days into his life, his destiny changed. To say he was lucky is an understatement – of the 4.8 million piglets born into farrowing crates in Australian factory farms every year, Henry was given the rare chance of a life worth living.

We all have the power to make positive change for animals. Give to Animals Australia’s ambitious 2023 campaign to end the caging of mother pigs.


This image contains content which some may find confronting

Henry is being affectionately patted on the face.
More than anything else this Christmas, animals like Henry need our kindness. For Henry's life to completely change, all it took was one compassionate soul taking action.

Emma could not save Henry’s mum, or his siblings who, like most pigs raised for their meat in Australia, would be sent to slaughter without ever setting their small feet on grass or enjoying a soft bed of hay.

But Emma took tiny Henry and gave him the life he should have had all along – a life of freedom from confinement, suffering, and slaughter. A life where he’s loved for who he is, and not just seen as a product to consume and profit from.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Baby Henry and fellow rescue Raffy – a blind dog – snooze together cuddled up on a blanket.
From a cold, barren farrowing crate, to warmth, affection and safety – Henry was rescued and given the chance to live life as all animals should.

This Christmas, join us in believing that all animals deserve a life worth living – a life like Henry’s.

One person can make a difference. Take action for pigs now – give a gift to help shine a light on Australian pig farming and call for an end to the use of cruel farrowing crates.


When Henry was rescued from a factory farm, his life began.

He was raised at Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania by Emma, his rescuer, and Raffy, a blind rescue dog who was also given a second chance at life.

Now, Henry gets to roam on fresh grass, where he can play and enjoy the company of other animals. At night he sleeps safely in a barn on soft straw, nose-to-nose with other rescued pigs. Henry has bonded for life with Emma, and when she calls his name, he eagerly trots across the paddock to her.

This Christmas, think of Henry and give to Animals Australia’s campaign to end the caging of mother pigs and their piglets.

All pigs deserve a life like Henry’s, and in 2023 we will be starting an ambitious campaign to shine a light on the reality of farrowing crates in Australian factory farms. We’ll also be helping everyday Aussies understand the easy choices they can make to spare pigs like Henry from suffering.

Support the campaign now.

This image contains content which some may find confronting

Rescued pig, Henry, trots along at the animal sanctuary and appears to be smiling.
Henry is now seen as someone, and not something – just as all animals so deserve.

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