Horse dies during race in SA

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Last updated 11 January 2014

He was only 3 years old …

His name was Harders. He had won over $30,000 for his owners, and was
only three years old when his life ended. This image was captured
seconds before his leg suddenly broke and he crashed to the ground, his
fall causing six other horses & jockeys to fall behind him. He was
later euthanased.

In the profit-driven horse racing industry, horses like Harders can be
subjected to the stresses of the racing world from as young as two
years old – before their bodies are fully developed. The immature
skeletal systems of these juvenile animals are simply not ready to meet
the physical demands imposed upon them. Even fully mature horses can
suffer painful
musculoskeletal injuries
– and broken bones – through the rigours
of training and racing at ‘breakneck’ speed.

What happened to Harders should never happen to any horse – let alone
to one so young. And by pledging to never bet on cruelty, you can help
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