New lease on life for an unwanted racehorse

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Last updated 13 September 2013

Lommy was two years old, full of energy — and on his way to the knackery. Thankfully a group of kind people saved this youngster, and he is loving every minute of his second chance.

Stretching his elegant legs in the spring sunshine, Lommy kicks up his heels in a burst of speed just for the joy of it. The striking Standardbred canters past one of his rescuers at Quest Equine Welfare, who takes a moment to enjoy his exhilaration.

Lommy stretches his legs in a gallop across the paddock under blue sky and trees

The idyllic scene is a far cry from his days as a racehorse called Lombo Bellagio. In this former life, the fact that he was not winning races led him to become ‘surplus to requirements’ for the racing industry. Sadly, he was discarded, and was to be sent for slaughter — a fate that befalls thousands of young and healthy racehorses each year in Australia.

That’s when Lommy’s lucky streak started. A caring individual intervened, and helped to arrange for him to be taken in by Animals Australia member society Quest Equine Welfare. Quest generously agreed to shelter Lommy, and to provide the care he needs to be rehabilitated and rehomed.

Lommy stretching his legs

Now almost three, the charismatic young fellow has won many admirers among Quest’s supporters. Although he is taking his time to adjust from the rigid schedule of racing training, Lommy is relishing his new life; making friends with Quest’s other equine residents and enjoying welcome TLC from rehab experts.

Lommy reaches out to fellow Quest resident, Firefly (who has sadly since passed away).
Lommy reaches out to fellow Quest resident, Firefly.

Each day, Lommy’s future gets brighter. And, when he is ready, Quest will help him move on to the next stage of his life: a loving adoptive home. Thanks to the commitment and kindness of his friends, Lombo Bellagio is finally onto a winning ticket.

You can help!

  • Sadly, thousands of horses discarded each year by the racing industry aren’t as lucky as Lommy. ‘Wastage’ is the dark secret behind the glitz and glamour of horse racing — take action to help horses today.
  • To follow Lommy’s story and find out how you can support him (or even adopt him!) visit Quest Equine Welfare’s website.

All images courtesy of Quest Equine Welfare.