Beautiful photos to celebrate mums this Mother's Day

Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 27 April 2020

“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love." – Edwin Hubbell Chapin

mother lynx snuggles lynk kitten against backdrop of forest


Porcupine mother and baby touch noses


Mother elephant and baby silhouetted against sunset on dusty ground


White and brown mother cow nuzzles her small calf


Cygnet baby swan sits on mother swan's back, curled up in her feathers


Mother koala and baby hug on tree branch


Baby otter lies back on mother otter's belly, floating in the water


Mother and baby kangaroo touch noses


Mother sheep nuzzles her lamb, lying in green grass


Baby panda sleeps on mother panda's chest


Mother and baby fur seal touch noses, standing on rocks


Fluffy yellow chick is embraced in mother hen's wing


Little piglet lies sleeping over mother's snout, in grass


Mother and baby rhino walk acros plain


Mother bear sits in forest with three bear cubs playing around her