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QANTAS says no more greyhound exports following Animals Australia investigation.

In response to the exposure of hidden abuse of greyhounds sent to SE Asia, the flying Kangaroo has vowed to not support this cruel export trade.
Animals Australia

Animals Australia team

Last updated 11 December 2015

The momentous announcement came after Animals Australia revealed greyhound owners and trainers were sending dogs to appalling conditions in Macau and China.

The export of these dogs not only condemned them to a death sentence but was in blatant breach of the industry’s own rules.

In a statement to concerned members of the public QANTAS has said: “We share your concerns about the disturbing story that appeared on the 7.30 Report earlier in the week. The piece was seen by many members of our team. In the past we have transported a small number of racing greyhounds to Asia. However in light of the story we have made the decision to no longer provide racing greyhound freight services to Asia.”

This game-changing decision is not only a win for the gentle dogs exported to certain death each year — but for YOU — our passionate and relentless supporters and caring community members who have been leaving no stone unturned to be a voice for these animals.

QANTAS is one of only two commercial airlines that flies directly to Hong Kong — the gateway for Australian greyhounds into Asia. The other is Cathay Pacific and they have also now confirmed that they do not transport racing greyhounds.

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People power is working. Now, let’s bring it home for greyhounds. Thousands of people are calling on our politicians to stop the export of greyhounds to a cruel life and early death in Asia.

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