Cattle cruelty investigator calls for an end to live export

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Last updated 5 December 2019

An investigator from Israeli-based investigation agency, Sentient — who captured harrowing footage of cattle having their horns cut off without pain relief and animals being left to die on Australia’s remote outback stations — is speaking out on international TV.

The shocking footage taken from four cattle stations in Northern Australia has aired on prime-time television in Israel and renewed calls to shut down the live cattle trade to the country.

Investigators witnessed cattle undergoing surgical procedures including dehorning and castration, without any pain relief; animals being punched and kicked; botched euthanasia attempts; and sick or injured animals left to die without veterinary intervention.

The only thing more shocking than the systemic abuse exposed through this investigation, is that some of it is entirely legal.

Ronan Barr spoke to i24 news about what he saw, and what needs to happen for this systemic cruelty to stop.

"… this is what’s happening widespread across the cattle industry. We should look directly at the ugly face of the meat industry and see the truth.. I think the important thing to learn from this outside of the inherent systematic cruelty within the meat industry is it’s very simple – stop live export. That’s it"
- Ronan Barr, Investigator from Sentient

Learn more about Sentient’s investigation into cattle station cruelty here and join the calls for the Australian cattle industry to implement mandatory pain relief and proper, independent oversight of cattle stations.