Company responsible for shocking animal cruelty granted export licence.

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Last updated 18 October 2018

Decision to grant export licence to RETWA demonstrates why the Department of Agriculture is not fit to regulate the live export trade.

Live sheep exports are to resume again in earnest after RETWA, the Australian subsidiary of Kuwait Livestock and Trading (KLTT), was granted an export licence from the Department of Agriculture. KLTT/RETWA are a decades-long trading partner of Emanuel Exports, who recently had their export licence revoked and is currently under investigation in WA for breaches of the WA animal protection act.

RETWA was the last export company to lose their licence for a series of high mortality heat stress shipments. Between 2000 and 2002, RETWA was responsible for 25 high-mortality voyages, resulting in the suffering and deaths of thousands of sheep.

Animals Australia’s Director of Strategy Lyn White said in The Guardian “To replace one company suspended for high mortality heat stress shipments with another with a similar rap sheet is recycling at its worst."

"Farmers need to know that this would not represent a changing of the guard. It’s just changing the names on paperwork."
- Lyn White, Animals Australia

Records show that since 1980, over 1.5 million sheep have perished on board KLTT shipments. This Kuwaiti company has been the powerhouse behind Emanuel Exports for decades. No other company is responsible for greater shipboard suffering.

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