A live sheep export company responsible for mass animal suffering is trying to get 'back in the game'.

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Last updated 17 September 2018

The live sheep exports company — KLTT, or RETWA in Australia — has been a partner of disgraced Emanuel Exports for decades.

Shakespeare once asked ‘what’s in a name’? For two star-crossed lovers, not a lot. But for Australia’s live export trade, a name can hide decades of animal suffering.

Take ‘new’ exporter on the block, Kuwait Livestock and Trading (KLTT) as an example. The Kuwaiti import company has applied for an export licence, under its Australian subsidiary, RETWA. With Emanuel Exports – responsible for 70% of Australia’s sheep trade – permanently banned from operating, they’re hoping to pick up where Emanuel left off.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

KLTT/RETWA is a long-time trading partner of Emanuel Exports. They’ve shared the same Directors and the same live export ships (in fact the shocking footage exposed this year was taken on a KLTT-owned vessel). At sea and in importing countries, these three companies have been equally responsible for mass deaths and suffering, and for flouting Australian laws and regulations.

KLTT is the company that supplies sheep to the notoriously cruel Al Rai Market in Kuwait which has been the scene of some of the worst abuse inflicted on Australian sheep.

In 2003 RETWA even lost their export licence after a series of high mortality shipments during which thousands of sheep perished from heat stroke. Now they want back on the water and if the Department of Agriculture grants their request, there are suggestions it could inadvertently benefit disgraced Emanuel Exports.

A story in Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald has revealed:

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="… Emanuel will continue to buy sheep on behalf of RETWA and they will supply those sheep to RETWA and RETWA will ship those sheep…"]

These exporters are one and the same.

[PLUGIN type="quotation" quote="They certainly have a long association as business partners."]

So if as Shakespeare penned, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet then in this case, it would be fair to surmise that an exporter by any other name would smell as … we’ll let you fill in the blank.

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