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Former live export vet: "the global trade is dying."

It's not a matter of if -- but when, according to Dr Lynn Simpson.
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Last updated 22 August 2018

It’s not a matter of if — but when, according to Dr Lynn Simpson.

Countries around the world are turning their backs on live animal exports. With India ending live exports, strong moves to phase them out in Israel, and other countries including Brazil and Uruguay seeing explosions of resistance to the brutal trade, the global industry is on a “terminal trajectory.”

Political, legal and public pressure will ensure the demise of live exports.
Dr. Lynn Simpson

Dr. Lynn Simpson is a former live export veterinarian turned whistle-blower. When her explosive evidence of the appalling conditions on board live export ships was accidentally made public she was shafted from her position in the Department of Agriculture. Her evidence gathered across 57 voyages provided some of the first disturbing insights into the suffering of animals — and people — at sea.

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A Bill to phase out live sheep exports in Australia is due to be debated by politicians shortly, and every single email, phone call and meeting with MPs is now critical in deciding the future of the trade.

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