"Kindness not cruelty": Peaceful protestors call for an end to live export horror

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Animals Australia team

Last updated 30 April 2019

In the lead-up to the Federal election, thousands of caring people have rallied in Australia — urging politicians to spare sheep from suffering onboard the ‘ships of shame’.

Peaceful protests in Adelaide and Melbourne have united thousands of people, urging the community to vote for kindness at the upcoming Federal election — and reminding politicians that the majority of Australians want the cruelty of live export to end.

Representatives from The Australian Labor Party (who have committed to phase-out live sheep export, if elected); The Animal Justice Party; The Australian Greens; RSPCA South Australia and Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary spoke, alongside our own Lyn White, to rapt audiences.

If you couldn’t make it along to the rallies, you can still get a taste of the action in the video above — then please spare one minute to remind your local Member of Parliament or candidate that you want animals spared from suffering at the hands of the live export industry!

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