Act now to protect animals from rodeos.

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Call for an end to cruelty

Stand up for these animals; send a letter to your local MP urging them to support a ban on rodeos.

A calf is struggling to get himself free from a a rope in calf roping cruelty at a rodeo. There are many cow boys on their horses are in the background

Call for an end to cruelty

Stand up for these animals; send a letter to your local MP urging them to support a ban on rodeos.

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Animals Australia

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Last updated 3 December 2021

Animals Australia has investigated rodeos across the country, witnessing countless animals frightened, distressed, and put at grave risk of injury or even death. Rodeos have been banned in the ACT, UK and elsewhere, for cruelty. Yet, they continue in most states of Australia.

Are rodeos cruel? You decide

As clearly depicted in the video, in rodeos, horses, bulls and steers aregoaded into ‘wild’ behaviour, and frightened calves are bullied and tormented. All this in the name of ‘entertainment’. Cultures the world over are recognising that tradition is no excuse for animal cruelty. It’s time to put rodeos out to pasture.

Stand up for these animals by sending a letter to your local MP urging them to support a ban on rodeos.