Bull breaks leg at Boxing Day rodeo

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Last updated 27 December 2012

The stressful, dangerous environment of rodeos has claimed another victim, with a bull suffering a broken leg at a Victorian rodeo yesterday. Read on to take action to end this cruel ‘sport’.

Yesterday, at Myrtleford Golden Spurs Rodeo, a bull named ‘Madness’ had his leg broken in the bull ride as he twisted and bucked to remove the rider and the tightened flank strap.

Graphic video and photos captured by an Animal Australia investigator at the event show the broken bone protruding from the bull’s disabled and bloody knee. As the collapsing bull stumbled around the arena in visible distress, stockmen shepherded him to a corner where a blue screen was erected to shield audiences. There he was given a lethal injection before being loaded into a horse float and driven away.

This is the third catastrophic rodeo injury filmed and provided to Animals Australia in recent months (the other two being at Queensland rodeos).

This was a sickening injury, but Madness’ suffering wasn’t limited to a broken bone. That a bull will continue to violently buck after suffering a horrific leg injury speaks to the distress and discomfort caused to all rodeo bulls by the flank strap pulled tightly around their sensitive organs.

Rodeo events are inherently dangerous and no one should be surprised that such shocking injuries occur. Rodeos are banned in the ACT, yet while they continue in other states we will continue to see animals suffer in the name of ‘entertainment’.

It will soon be 2013, yet causing animals distress and placing them at high risk of injury and death is still legal and permitted.

You can help!

These animals need our voice. Click here to send an instant message calling for a ban on rodeos.