Steer dies in rodeo event

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Last updated 21 January 2014

There’s a reason we’ve pixelated the image.

The steer was chased into a rodeo ring, and after being tackled to the ground
by his head, it became evident that there was something wrong. His neck had been broken. He took his final breath at the Esperance
Rodeo in Western Australia on early this year — an event the organiser
said would be “something for
everybody to … enjoy"

The steer’s death has been described as
a “freak accident", and “bad luck", but previous Animals
Australia investigations have revealed that countless animals like this
steer are put at grave risk of injury — or even death — in rodeos
across the country.

Can this be justified purely in the name of ‘entertainment’? You
decide. Head to
and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Please note: the photo above was
taken during a steer wrestling event at a rodeo held in NSW in 2010. If
you wish to see the un-pixelated version which illustrates what ‘steer
wrestling’ looks like, you can view the unedited version here – but please
be aware that this may be upsetting
for some people