Leaked report: Lawlessness pervades Victoria' wetlands

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Last updated 1 March 2018

A damning independent report commissioned by the Victorian Government into the Game Management Authority (GMA) has revealed that there is no effective oversight during the Victorian duck shooting season. Instead, wetlands are being destroyed and hunting laws are being broken.

Get all the details by watching program at the ABC 7.30 homepage, or tune in below:

Save waterbirds from gun violence

Flimsy licensing requirements allow untrained and untested hunters to handle and shoot dangerous guns. Illegal shooting of waterbirds is pervasive throughout Victorian wetlands. And the Game Management Authority has a major conflict of interest being simultaneously a promoter and regulator of duck shooting… leaving our precious native wildlife and peaceful regional communities to suffer terribly as a result.

Enough is enough. Urge your Victorian State MP to stand up to the gun lobby and end the ‘recreational slaughter’ of our native waterbirds! (Live outside of Victoria? Click here to speak out against duck shooting cruelty!)



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