Duck shooting 'season' 2021: let's make it the last.

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Last updated 10 January 2022

Waterbird numbers have been dropping for decades, most Victorians oppose shooting, shooters don’t know and don’t follow the rules – but the Andrews Government allowed another shooting season to go ahead in 2021.

Here’s video evidence of the violence native birds suffered because of that baffling decision:

These videos weren’t taken by the ‘authorised officers’ supposed to ‘regulate’ shooting while also promoting it as an activity. They were taken, as they have been year after year, by volunteer rescuers out there on the wetlands retrieving ducks who were shot and left to suffer by shooters.

Last season’s illegal behaviour and inevitable suffering

Shockingly, during Victoria’s COVID lockdowns of 2021, duck shooting was included as a reason to leave home under the auspices of ‘exercise’. Hopes of a short reprieve for our wildlife were quelled as native animals could still be killed for fun during the pandemic.

Prior to the last season being announced, the Victorian Government itself published research on the stark lack of knowledge duck shooters have of the ‘rules’ they are meant to follow. And throughout the season, this was repeatedly demonstrated, as it is every year. Ducks were shot and left for dead, or even worse, used to ‘train’ dogs as they slowly died.

We saw wounded ducks quite literally blown off the water at close range, and shooters firing from moving boats, showing the usual reckless disregard for safety and the law.

All this on top of the cruelty inherent in duck shooting: one in four birds shot is not killed instantly, instead suffering and dying in pain — either drowning or dying later from starvation or predation.

Ducks need your voice

An end to recreational violence is long overdue, and the survivors of last year’s shooting season desperately need our help more than ever.

Please urge the Victorian Government to cancel the 2022 shooting season and protect our native waterbirds by ending it for good.

Help end duck shooting