The film that made Tilikum the world's most famous orca.

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Last updated 7 November 2014

Powerful and disturbing, the documentary Blackfish is opening eyes to the hidden suffering of captive marine animals.

The reasons Tilikum is the world’s most famous orca are tragic. His story is at the centre of acclaimed documentary Blackfish, which recently aired on ABC2 and iView. Get a taste of why this film has moved and inspired people around the world:

Since Blackfish was released in 2013, public uproar has led caring people across the globe to speak out on behalf of this long-suffering animal. His story has reached millions, and unlike any other time in history — people are questioning the legitimacy of confining marine mammals for the sake of ‘entertainment’.

While there are no captive orcas in Australia, some venues still condemn highly intelligent dolphins to lives of confinement and performance — far removed from the endless freedom of their natural ocean homes.

You can take a stand for captive marine animals — like dolphins, sharks and seals — by pledging to never attend a marine park or aquarium.

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