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By choosing to go dairy-free, you will spare calves from slaughter, and their mothers the pain of having their babies taken away.

Dairy's dark secret may leave a sour taste in your mouth...

Hundreds of thousands of week-old bobby calves are killed as 'waste products' of this industry each year — just so humans can drink their mothers' milk.

Many people are surprised to learn that dairy cows are kept almost continually pregnant, only to have their calves removed and milk harvested for human consumption. You can stand up against the cruelty of the dairy industry by pledging to go dairy-free, opting instead for readily available calcium-rich dairy alternatives that are kind to calves.



This pledge plays a vital role — but you can have an even greater impact for animals today. Here’s how:

  • Going dairy-free doesn't need to mean denying yourself yummy foods: try these tips for going deliciously dairy-free!
  • Find out more about the dairy calcium myth, and how to easily get enough calcium each day from dairy-free foods.
  • Send a letter to Dairy Australia, demanding that bobby calves are not treated like waste products.
  • Adopt a gorgeous plush bobby calf, and support Animals Australia's work on behalf of animals.



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