IN THE NEWS: Hunting regulator asks shooters to know duck's species before pulling trigger


IN THE NEWS: On MAR 13, 2017

With duck season just days away, the state’s hunting regulator has asked shooters to “brush up” on their bird identification skills to avoid killing protected species. 

Game Management Authority chief executive officer Greg Hyams said hunters should not pull the trigger if unsure of a bird’s species.

“Small numbers of rare and threatened species are scattered throughout the state and hunters should be on the look out and take the time to positively identify their target,” Mr Hyams said.

“The illegal shooting of threatened species can put pressure on populations.”

The blue-winged shoveler duck was declared off-limits for this season because of its low numbers, while wildlife sanctuaries Kow Swamp and Reedy Lakes, in Gunbower and Kerang respectively, remain closed in 2017.

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